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The iPersonic Personality Type Test

iPersonic is the personality system, which connects more people and gives you the opportunity of a personal development. This approach is based on the latest evolution of biological, psychological and sociological insights. One speaks of "I-Sharing". This means that we feel particularly well in the company of people that are similar to how we perceive, think, evaluate and respond. We "share" with them our so speak I - we can laugh at the same jokes, have similar ideas and are outraged about the same things.

With the help of iPersonic's Personality Type Test it will be for you even easier to find your partner. The test assigns you to one of the 16 personality types:

Harmony-seeking IdealistEngaged IdealistDynamic ThinkerGroundbreaking ThinkerSpontaneous IdealistLaid-back DoerSocial RealistDetermined RealistEnergetic DoerIndividualistic DoerSensitive DoerGood-natured RealistReliable RealistIndependent ThinkerAnalytical ThinkerDreamy Idealist

Each of these 16 types corresponding to a color. Similar colors indicate that two people fit better to each other.

That fits well:

Ouch, that does not fit so well:


ICONY offers you to perform this test for free. In just 3 minutes he gets you closer to your happiness. In addition, you can then look for the right to charge you personality types.


The iPersonic personality test developed by Felicitas Heyne. It is one of the most famous psychologists of Germany and successful author. In numerous articles, radio and TV appearances, they referred to psychological topics. Felicitas Heyne is International Affiliate of American Psychological Association (APA) and member of the Bundesverbandes Deutscher Psychologen (BDP).